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Watch face or wearable game?

You have never seen a christmas watch face like this, it is not just a watch face it's an interactive adventure you can play on your smartwatch, explore on your wrist and yes you also can check the time by the way.

3D animated, interactive adventure xmas watch face by OptimusByte. Interact, play the game, play the christmas adventure.
You can click on several spots within the scene, change day and night, walk into buildings, play with the christmas dwars and explore our christmas world we created for you.

This interactive watchface will be enhanced with several new features until christmas, it will change the scenes, new interaction will get available and you will have special date bound events.

"Ho ho ho" - is it just a christmas watch face or is it already a christmas wearable game?
We think it's both! A watch face game and an interactive christmas watch face in 3D.

Be excited about what's going to happen when Santa Claus enters the stage!
I would say you can wear one of the best (or even the best) christmas watch face in the market on your wrist!

The key features of Interactive Christmas Watch Face are:
- Optimized for round and square smartwatches
- Ready to use, no configuration necessary to use the watch face
- Christmas timer inclusive
- Animated scenes. Click on the upper right, klick on the house, change the scene
- Wearable game included
- Decent ambient, animated and colorful regular mode

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Wear OS smartwatch is recommended to use our watch faces: