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Dragon Knight Panzer Watchface is a professional designed watchface for knights that fight or ride dragons. It's suited for all android smartwatches with different specials for square and round watches. You can see screws on the squared one for example. As all our watchfaces it's packed with lots of options to optimize the look an feel with different ambient faces and our special optimus mode for extrem power saving behaviour. The watch face recognizes your battery level and interacts with more or less visuals in activ optimus mode. You can although disable the ambient mode to keep the gorgeous looking dragon watchface from the interactive mode. You can choose between 12h and 24 hour mode. Additional information such as a health phial that represents the battery state in 4 colors from green for 100%, over yellow (80%) to orange (50%) and a red fluid inside when the battery level reaches less than 20%.

The main functions of the Dragon Knight Panzer watch face are:
- For round and square smartwatches
- Unique dragon art style
- Animated dragon eye roling
- Rotating background
- Panzer dragon skin design
- Spectacular animation to interactive mode
- Ready to use, no configuration to get started needed
- Highly optimized ambient mode for extended battery life, better powersaving
- Discreetly in ambient, spectacular animated in regular mode
- Date and seconds displayed
- Day displayed

Special features:
- Battery indicator in percent and color depending on the battery status
- Optimus Settings: You can set various modes. 24h / 12h, ambient face switch, ambient (On, Off), Optimus mode (On, Off, Auto)
- Optimus mode: a special, additional regular mode. Minimum battery consumption but still extremely appealing. So you have three versions of the watch faces (Regular, Ambient, Optimus). Optimus mode with the "Auto" setting gets active at 25% remaining battery capacity and the smart watch will then automatically enter the battery save mode. If a amazing looking but powersaving watchface is what you need this one is for you.
- Ambient Face switch, choose between two different ambient faces (Black, Dragon)

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