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We make your watch face!

You need your own watch face? We make your watch face! We also provide one of the greatest watch face portfolio on the market.
OptimusByte Watchfaces are state of the art and you have never seen such great watch faces. Check them out!
The best watch faces on the market are developed with love in germany, developed by OptimusByte! If you like to have an
adaption or a new feature on one of our watch faces, just let us know! You can help us make our watch faces even better watch faces.

The best watch faces we made with love

Watch Face - Laserslime
Watch Face - X-Ray
Watch Face - Dragon Knight Panzer
Watch Face - Halloween 15
Watch Face - Christmas Game

Overview watch face features

Out native watch faces are developed completly without the need of any third party like watchmaker. You will experience a special watch face feeling
wearing OptimusByte watch faces. Developed with love, lots of features and special battery safe ambient modes. Our animated watch face designs
are state of the art and deliver the best possible wearable experience you will ever experience.

Animated watch faces

Yes, we do watch face!
Our watch faces are made with love, have a lot of features and the design is breathtaking!

5 Stars rating

Our watch faces are rated the best, mostly up to 5 star watch face rating in the Google Play store.
Please rate our watch faces!

Interactive watch face

Yes, we have interactive watch faces, you can interact with them, we also delive cloud informations like weather forecast or special battery display informations.

100% Satisfaction
Our watch face

We involve you in the product, you need the best watch face, a even better watch face, the newest watch face, new features for the watch face? Just let us know!


Any question or just like to contact us? Sure, we like to hear from you soon. Just use our contact formular.

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